How to increase your insurance sales?

Sales is a numbers game. If you see more prospects, you are getting better at your sales skills and also having better sales results. Prospecting is the lifeblood of sales. Your prospecting activities bring new prospects into your sales cycle. You have to get in front of people if you need more sales.

There are a number of ways to help you increase your sales results as follows:

How to increase your insurance sales?

See your prospect early

Get the most out of your day by seeing your prospect early. The earlier you meet up with your first prospect in a day, the more prospects you can meet in that day.

A very successful salesperson has 3 breakfasts a day. He has coffee with the first prospect, drinks fruit juice with the second prospect and has a sandwich with the third prospect.

Draw strengths within you

Repeatedly remind yourself of your dreams in life. Your dreams give you the energy and the strengths you need to accomplish your daily goals. Your dreams reinforce your desire to succeed.

Do self-affirmation and tell yourself you are the best. Self-affirmation is a form of personal empowerment that helps you unlock your potential. By acknowledging your unique qualities, you boost your confidence to step out of your comfort zone.

Plan ahead

Prior planning prevents poor performance. Some agents have no idea who to see and decide to make calls only on the day itself, things do not work this way in this business. You need to have a plan or system to direct your efforts towards achieving more sales.

Develop a contingency plan so that you can still accomplish your daily goals even if there are changes in the circumstances that make it impossible for you to stick to the original plan.

Associate with successful people

You see things differently when you stand on the shoulder of a giant. Get acquainted with successful agents who are willing to share with you their journey to success. Be inspired by their personal stories.

Learn their work habits. Observe the way they discipline themselves and how they overcome distractions in the pursuit of their dreams. Ask them a question. Feel their energy. Benchmark their commitment to this business.

Personal marketing

Increase your attraction power and get prospect excited about you. Plant the right kind of seeds in the minds of your target prospects so that you are viewed favourably. If your prospects like you and trust you, less sales efforts you have to put forth.

Selling is all about creating enough opportunities to get in front of your prospects that have needs for your products. While working hard is needed to achieve your goals in life, it is also necessary to work smarter at strategies that make your efforts pay dividends.